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Festival de San Sebastian

January 21st, 2014 emquin15


Here in Mallorca, it feels like there is a festivo, or festival, every other week.  The people here celebrate anything and everything, because work can always wait for them.  This weekend, the biggest festival of the year took place in Palma, and my friends and I were lucky enough to take part in it.


During the Festival of San Sebastian, each plaza in the city has its own free concert.  Also, they bring out tons of grills for the people at the concert to throw there own meat on.  Basically, this festival is like a really fun tailgate with a concert at the same time. Even though it rained one night, thousands of people filled the streets, grilling, laughing, chatting, and dancing.  The entire city was a fiesta(party)! I’ve never seen the Palma so happy and alive before, I loved it.



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Now the festival is over, and it’s time for finals… yay.

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