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The Perks of Being an Islander

April 21st, 2014 emquin15

The island of Mallorca is undeniably beautiful.  That’s a main reason why it’s a center of European tourism, yet the tourism hasn’t yet destroyed the beauty of it.  When I go exploring around the island, I am continually surprised by even more new, amazing views and sights.  There are over 200 beaches to choose from when you’re craving a beach day; mountains inland, along the coast, and jutting into the water when you’re in the mood for a hike, and thousands of other cool places to explore. In this blog post I’m going to show you just a few of my favorite spots in Mallorca.





This is Sollér, a port/beach town on the northern coast of the island.  The beach is in a U shape with surrounding mountains, making for a perfection combination of nature’s two beauties, mountains and beaches.



These two photos were taken on my birthday on a trip to Formentor.  One of my favorite places on the island, Formentor is a group of mountains that jut out from the northern tip of the island into the Mediterranean, giving it the most spectacular 360 degree views.


Cala Deià is a rocky cove hidden between the mountains along the Northern coast of the island.  Because of its astonishing beauty, Deià is a popular spot for painters.

 IMG_4285_zps8910a856 IMG_4315_zps6768f88c

Not only does Mallorca have beautiful beaches and mountains, it has a gorgeous interior as well.  The Caves of Drach lie on the Eastern side of the island, near Manacor (the town where Rafa Nadal is from).  These caves are vast and exquisite, with a small body of water inside as well.


This photo is a panoramic view of the Port de Pollença.  This port is just southeast of Formentor, making the bay even more stunning with mountains in the distance.

 2014-04-19153315copy_zpse18b7263 2014-04-19173551copy_zps958c3565

La Playa de Illetas is always a favorite of Holy Cross students studying in Palma.  This charming beach is just a short bus ride away, a little Northwest of the city.  There are three small beaches to choose from, each just as dazzling.  In addition to the straw umbrellas that give it a tropical feel, these beaches have tiny islands close enough to swim to and explore.

 2014-04-10154143copy_zpsda027100 2014-04-10154830copy_zps3609af60

These two photos are taken at Dique del Oeste, a rocky area along the coast, near the Port of Palma.  Unknown to most tourists, this spot is perfect for cliff diving.  There are four different heights to choose from, varying anywhere from 20 feet to 50 feet or more.

 2014-04-18121723copy_zps530d5e77 2014-04-18164050copy_zpsd4089875

Although you can’t tell from these photos, Es Trenc is a 6 km long white sand beach along the Western coast of Mallorca.  Behind this beach is a nature preserve, so hotels, restaurants and other buildings have been kept away from its beauty, making it that much more stunning.


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