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A Warm Welcome

September 9th, 2013 emquin15

I have arrived! Palma, my final destination, is a dream.  Imagine that island paradise you’ve always wanted to visit, Palma is exactly that.  Not only is the island beautiful, the people are very welcoming and friendly.  From my observations of Pamplona and Palma thus far, I have found that the Spanish act according to their weather.  Pamplona, in the North of Spain, is known to be very cold, and their people are the same.  Short and unfriendly.  Palma, on the other hand, has a friendly, helpful population and a warm climate year-round.  For example, today during my run along the water, I fell and scraped my knees because it had rained earlier.  A boy, about my age, saw me and called me over.  He gave me band-aids to stop the bleeding.  After chatting for a while with him and his friends, he invited me and the rest of the Holy Cross students studying here in Palma out  a night this week, to show us the city nightlife from a native’s standpoint.  The Mallorquins have made my transition to this new city unbelievably easy, and I know my upcoming year here will be incredible.

This is my favorite beach so far in Mallorca.

Playa de Illetas

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