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Lonely In Paradise

October 20th, 2013 emquin15

As amazing as this experience has been thus far for me here in Palma, there has always been something on the back of my mind: I miss home.  Homesickness has not hindered me from having a great time here, but at times it has been very hard.  I miss Wisconsin, my family, my dog, my bed, American food and culture, and last but not least my school. I knew I would miss Holy Cross, but not this much.  So I’ve decided to make a list of a bunch of things I miss about it.

  • People watching in Kimball
  • The beauty of campus in the fall
  • Lobby shop breaks from Dinand
  • My friends
  • Scoop Your Own Ice Cream Night
  • Mahoney Wednesdays
  • Tailgating before football games
  • My boyfriend
  • The victory of getting a table in Rehm Library during finals week
  • Clark 1 and Clark 4
  • Cookies from Cool Beans
  • Hunter boots and North Face rain shells
  • Easy Street
  • “Who’s going out tonight?” … “Everyone.”
  • Hanging out on the Hoval when it’s nice out
  • Spring Weekend
  • Halloween for 5 nights straight
  • Moodle stalking or stalking
  • Pregames with my best friends
  • The hike up to Hart just to work out
  • Kimball holiday dinners
  • Holy Cross professors
  • Going up to Hogan 3 to use the good bathrooms
  • The painting and sculpture studios
  • Seeing that one person you really did not want to see at Kimball
  • Communal suffering in Dinand
  • Reliving weekends nights in pjs and blankets in K & J’s room
  • Clark Lawn
  • Freshmen dorm rivalry
  • Going to the Edge to get free pizza
  • Blackstone trips
  • Immersion trips and friends
  • Syllabus week
  • The constant landscaping
  • Sis
  • The Bank of America machine eating someone’s card way too often
  • The elevator key and avoiding stairs at all costs
  • That awful feeling knowing you have to walk up the Kimball stairs
  • Parking lot parties
  • St. Patrick’s Day
  • Hagrid’s Hut



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